Aadhar Card

Importance of Aadhar Card and its use

The Aadhar card project was established in Jannuary 2009, by the Government of India and it lies under the Planning Commission of India. Today, the Aadhar card is the most important identity proof for the individuals living in India. This card has been issued by the Indian Government. This card is made after every individual Indian has given their iris scan along with their fingerprints. The UIDAI (Unique Identification Authority of India) has issued the Aadhar card and this card can be produced all over India as an individual’s identity proof as an Indian. The Government of India provides this card to every single Indian without taking any charge for making the card.

Contents of the Aadhar card

An Aadhar card has got a number of things printed on it and can be used for the verification of the card holder’s identity along with the card being fake or not.

  • The very first thing that one should be looking for in an Aadhar card is the 12 unique printed digits on the card.
  • Every card also has an individual QR code printed on it which is used to find out whether the card is a real one. This particular code is extremely important as all the information regarding the card holder is present in it in an electronic form.
  • The operator of the Aadhar cards takes all the information of the individuals or the citizens of India like their personal residential address along with the biometric information like the scan test of iris, fingerprints, photos etc. The main database of the UIDAI stores all of this information of every single Indian citizen.
  • Along with the QR code, every Aadhar card has its own Aadhar Number.
  • On the front side of the card, one can find the card holder’s name, date of birth, sex etc, printed. Whereas, on the back, other information regarding the card holder’s father’s name, his residential address is printed. All the information on the Aadhar card is printed both in the languages of Hindi and English.

Some other information on the Aadhar card

It should be remembered, that the Aadhar card is a proof of identity for the Indians and can be used anywhere throughout India but it cannot be used as a proof of the citizenship of India. But it can be used as an alternate to the voter-id card in many different places and other governmental and non-governmental departments. Every individual with any sex and age can apply for the Aadhar cards. Even the people who do not have the Indian citizenship can also apply for it. And for this very reason, it has been made compulsory for the children also. Once an Aadhar card for an individual gets generated, it becomes valid for his whole life and there is absolutely no need for renewing it. People who are interested can apply for the Aadhar cards as it is not compulsory. People usually have it for getting the benefit of the different governmental schemes along with the subsidy in their bank accounts.

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